Our Story

DrawBridge LIFE grew out of Charlevoix Methodist Church which was the oldest church in the city of Charlevoix.  Over its 141-year history this downtown church has been a hub of activity.  It was the gathering place for the families in the neighborhood. The history books of this church tell of two-day revivals that would draw people in from all over the area and pack the building. 


This church has always been a place that reached out to the community.  Even today, it is a place where people can come to have a meal during our twice weekly community lunch program. 


Drawbridge LIFE is a place designed to create a new and relevant worship experience in Charlevoix.  To “draw” those who are seeking a place to connect in a way that is relatable to them wherever they are at in their spiritual journey. The way of “drawing” people to this place is through an innovative, interactive, and inclusive experience that goes beyond just a Sunday worship time but also creates a community of connectivity.


DrawBridge LIFE meets at the corner of State St. and Clinton St. This location is one block north of the business district.  DrawBridge LIFE is centrally located near the marina, East Park, the Performance Pavilion, hotels, condos and of course the trademark of the city, the Charlevoix drawbridge.