Free Community Lunch

DrawBridge LIFE Hosts a free Community Lunch every Monday and Thursday.

The free lunch is open to anyone in our community. Please join us!


If you would like to help prepare or serve the food, contact the church office for more information at 231-547-2654 or

Prayer Quilting Group

Australian Wildlife Quilt

The DrawBridge LIFE prayer quilting group is an off-shoot of the original prayer shawl ministry group. The prayer shawl ministry group knitted or crocheted comfort shawls for who ever needed them. The group decided to start making quilts when the Joppa House was started (recovery housing for women with substance abuse disorders) to add some semblance of home to the rooms. Quilts were made for the beds and smaller ones were made for the individuals to bring them some warmth and comfort.  


The quilting group decided to start making comfort quilts for the Infusion Center at the Charlevoix Hospital.  They have also made comfort pillows and tote bags for the patients; they have no idea how many have made and given away.


“The quilts are given to anyone who needs one for whatever reason. All of these are made from love and with prayer and no strings attached.  They are just our gifts of comfort and love.”


If you would like to join the quilters or would like more information, please contact the church office at 231 547-2654 or